Epson Et M1170 Driver

The combo package installer includes Epson Et M1170 driver and Software Updater. The file contains the installer to obtain everything needed to run the printer, either wired or wirelessly. Remote Printer Driver allows you to print to an Epson email-enabled from anywhere. Click the Download button below for your OS to get the Epson Et M1170 driver for your printer.

Epson Et M1170 Driver Download
Epson Et M1170 Driver

Epson Et M1170 Manual

The user guide for Epson ET M1170 opens in PDF form. Save the Epson Et M1170 setup printer manual file to a quickly accessible location on your desktop such that it comes handy when required. Click at the required query, and you’ll be directed to the corresponding page. Click the Download button below to download the Epson Et M1170 manual.

Epson ET M1170 Manual

Epson Et M1170 Unboxing

Epson ET M1170 is quite easy to setup Epson printer. Read below to learn the unboxing and installation of the printer. Also, get to know its operation and networking.

Epson Et M1170 Printer Setup

  • Unpack and remove all protective materials from the Epson Et M1170 setup printer.
  • Close the printer cover after taking away the packaging materials within.
  • Lift the ink tank cover and then open the cap.
  • Unwrap the ink bottle and hold it straight.
  • Invert the bottle and place it on the mouth of the filling port.
  • Wait until the ink fills the ink tank.
  • Remove the ink bottle and set it aside.
  • Close the ink tank cap and then the ink tank cover.
  • Attach the power cord to the printer and the electric socket.
  • Push the Power button on the printer and switch it on.
  • Hold the Stop button for 5 seconds to charge the ink.
  • Extend the paper cassette out and slide the edge guides all the way out.
  • Place the stack of paper with the printable side down.
  • Push the cassette cover into the Epson Et M1170 setup printer.
  • Install the printer driver and get ready to print.

Epson Et M1170 Wireless Setup

  • Press down the Wi-Fi button.
  • Hold the Network Status button until the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct light flash alternatively.
  • Leave both the buttons simultaneously for Epson Et m1170 wireless setup.
  • One the lights stop flashing, only the Wi-Fi Direct light remains on.
  • Press down the Network Status button for at least 5 seconds to print a network status sheet.
  • View the network status sheet of Epson Et M1170 setup printer.
  • On your computer, go to the Wireless connection option.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network name and enter the password for Epson Et m1170 wireless setup.
  • You’ll find both the SSID and the password in the network status sheet.
  • Check if the network connection is established.

Epson Et M1170 Mobile Printing

  • Connect your printer to the local Wi-Fi network.
  • Click open Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Download and install the Epson Print Enabler plug-in for Epson Et M1170 mobile printing.
  • Locate Settings on the Android mobile and select Printing.
  • Activate the Epson plug-in.
  • Make sure the Android device is also connected to the same wireless network to perform Epson Et M1170 mobile printing.
  • Open an application such as Chrome or Gmail.
  • Tap the Menu icon and proceed to print.

Epson Et M1170 Troubleshooting

If the printer stops printing unexpectedly or if it prints nothing, probably it requires print head cleaning. See the error status on the Epson Et M1170 setup printer and find problem solutions in the Epson Et M1170 Troubleshooting section to resolve them.

Epson Et M1170 Not Printing

  • Switch off the printer and the computer.
  • See if the Epson Et M1170 setup printer’s interface cable is tightly attached to the proper terminal on the computer.
  • Check that the cable specifications meet the printer specifications.
  • Don’t let any device in the way of the interface cable connection to fix Epson Et m1170 not printing.
  • Check if the network connection is stable if connected wirelessly.
  • Verify that the ink bottles are not empty.
  • Open the top of the printer and find the rubber roller for solving Epson Et m1170 not printing.
  • Roll a paper towel over the rubber and pour drops of distilled water on it during Epson Et m1170 troubleshooting.
  • Slide the printhead assembly over the paper towel and let it rest for some time.

Epson Et M1170 Not Connecting Wireless

  • If connected by the WPS method, press the Wi-Fi button on the printer within 2 minutes of pressing on the router.
  • Press down the Wi-Fi button on the printer for 5 seconds until the lamp is lit.
  • Place the printer within the range of your 2.4GHz router for fixing Epson Et m1170 not connecting wireless.
  • Remove other electromagnetic devices such as microwave oven and cordless phone in the way of the printer-router connection.
  • If your router operates in a dual-band, name both the channels differently for Epson Et m1170 troubleshooting.
  • Check the connection by connecting the router to other wireless devices.
  • View the report printed and find solutions to the Epson Et m1170 not connecting wireless issues.
  • Deactivate the Firewall and other anti-virus software on your wireless router.
  • Remove any restrictions set on the wireless router.
  • Double-check the network security key since it is case-sensitive to connect Epson Et M1170 setup printer.
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