Epson Et 8700 Driver

Epson Software Updater, Event Manager, Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility, and Scan OCR Component are the Epson Et 8700 driver files required for the operation of the printer. These files are put together in a file package. Download and install it on your computer to make use of the printer features. Here is the Download button to download the Epson Et 8700 driver file.

Epson Et 8700 Driver Download
Epson Et 8700 Driver

Epson Et 8700 Manual

A user guide includes everything right from the printer basics to Epson Et 8700 setup, wireless connection to mobile printing, and paper issues to printer reset. The troubleshooting section offers insights on solutions and fixes. Download the manual given below and save it to your computer. The Epson Et 8700 manual opens in PDF format.

Epson Et 8700 Manual

Epson Et 8700 Printer Setup

  • Connect the power cord to the Epson printer and then the power socket.
  • Power it up with the Power button.
  • Set the language, country, and time on the LCD screen.
  • Unlock and open the ink pack tray cover.
  • Press an ink pack tray to release and pull it out.
  • Shake an ink pack and unwrap it.
  • Position the ink pack into the ink pack tray and hold the handle in position.
  • Push the ink pack tray into the Epson Et 8700 setup printer.
  • Extend the paper cassette and slide the edge guides to the extreme ends.
  • Keep the paper in it and push it back.
  • Install the appropriate Epson Et 8700 driver and print a test page.
Epson Et 8700 wi-fi setup

Epson Et 8700 Wi-Fi Setup

  • Push the printer's Home button and select Wi-Fi Setup.
  • Tap OK.
  • Choose Wi-Fi(Recommended) and press OK twice.
  • Navigate to select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and tap OK for Epson Et 8700 wi-fi setup.
  • Pick the name of your wireless network and press OK.
  • Input the network name manually on the displayed keypad.
  • Print a network setup report by pressing the Start button for Epson Et 8700 wi-fi setup.
  • Infer a successful network connection if the Wi-Fi symbol appears on the printer's LCD screen.

How To Scan On Epson Et 8700

  • Access Start EPSON Epson Scan 2.
  • Choose the Document source as per the input.
  • Select the Document size or choose to customize it.
  • Set the image type of the original as the Image Type setting.
  • Pick Resolution in which you want the output from Epson Et 8700 setup printer.
  • After previewing, configure in the Advanced Settings.
  • Choose the type of format the scanned file must be in.
  • Hit Scan.

Epson Et 8700 Scan To Email

  • Position the original on the printer for scanning.
  • Press the Home button Scan.
  • Choose Email and pick a contact from the displayed list for Epson Et 8700 scan to email.
  • Or pick one from the recent Epson Et 8700 setup printer scan history.
  • Hit Scan Settings File Format.
  • Move down and modify the Subject and File Name settings.
  • Save the scan settings with the Presets option.
  • Press the Send icon for Epson Et 8700 scan to email.

Epson Et 8700 Scan Multiple Pages

  • Place your multi-page document in the printer.
  • Click Start Epson Software Document Capture Pro.
  • The Document Capture Pro window opens for Epson Et 8700 scan multiple pages.
  • Tap the Switch to Simple View in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Hit Scan Settings and change the displayed settings.
  • Select a destination icon Apply job separation.
  • Pick Separation Settings and then the method used to separate the originals for Epson Et 8700 scan multiple pages.
  • Select Create Folder and give a folder name.
  • The original is saved into separate file and folder.

Epson Et 8700 Troubleshooting

Printers after some time of operation encounter issues and technical errors. Resetting the printer configuration and updating printer driver can resolve many printer issues. Epson Et 8700 setup printer management includes Epson Et 8700 troubleshooting and speed optimization. Find common printer errors and their troubleshooting solutions below.

Epson Et 8700 Not Printing

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Verify if the Epson Et 8700 setup printer is connected to a properly working power socket.
  • Do not use hubs while establishing connections to solve Epson Et 8700 not printing.
  • See if you can print a test page.
  • Check that the Epson ET 8700 driver is installed correctly.
  • Select your printer as the default printer on your computer.
  • Take a look at the printer port setting and see if they match the printer connection for Epson Et 8700 troubleshooting.
  • Delete the print jobs from the Windows Spooler.
  • Cancel all the stuck print jobs to fix Epson Et 8700 not printing.

Epson Et 8700 Won't Scan

  • Restart the computer after the software scan is installed.
  • Disable the Firewall security on your computer for some time.
  • Run Epson Scan software before scanning from the scanner button to solve Epson Et 8700 won't scan.
  • Modify the resolution to a lesser value.
  • Turn off the printer, router, and restart them and try scanning.
  • On your Windows computer, click Start Programs EPSON Epson Scan Epson Scan Settings.
  • Verify that the network connection is strong between the router and the printer for solving Epson Et 8700 won't scan.
  • Reinstall Epson Scan if the computer's OS has been upgraded.

Epson Et 8700 Printing Blank Pages

  • Keep the printer on a flat and stable surface.
  • Replace the old ink cartridges if they're old or low on ink.
  • Remove the yellow tapes from the ink cartridges to solve Epson Et 8700 printing blank pages.
  • Check if the paper you are using meets the printer's specifications.
  • Find the clogged nozzles with a nozzle check pattern.
  • Clean it and unclog them.
  • See if the paper size, orientation, and layout settings are set right for the input paper to avoid Epson Et 8700 printing blank pages.
  • Confirm that the document does not contain blank pages.
  • Click Settings Devices Printers & Scanners.
  • Select Manage Printing preferences Maintenance.
  • Hit Skip Blank Page and then OK.

Epson Et 8700 Not Connecting Wireless

  • Link the wireless router to other devices and check the signal strength.
  • Keep the printer within the range of the printer.
  • Do not place any other electronic devices in the vicinity of the printer.
  • Make sure there are no restrictions on the wireless router.
  • Input the network name manually on the displayed keypad.
  • Double-check the password as it is case-sensitive.
  • View the network settings by printing a network status sheet for Epson Et 8700 troubleshooting.
  • Modify the router port, access point, switch, or hub to connect Epson Et 8700 setup printer.